The Silent-footed Butler


The Silent-footed Butler is a biography/autobiography by Cathy Giles inspired by the life of her brother, Christopher Giles.

On this website you can read the opening pages and the prologue; view photographs and see some additional ones that are not in the book; read reviews and post your own comments or reviews if you wish. You may also purchase a copy of The Silent-footed Butler. It is available to buy online via this website.

About the Book

The Silent-footed Butler is a substantial hardback book of 644 pages, 110 of which are photo pages, some in colour. Throughout the book are beautiful illustrations by Chris Giles, many of which he drew before the age of twelve.

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Cathy Giles

About the Author

Cathy Giles was born in February 1956. She is a twin, a mother of four, a professional musician and now author and publisher of The Silent-footed Butler.

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Photos from the book

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The Silent-footed Butler by Cathy Giles