The Silent-footed Butler


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Review by: Thomas Bowes

I am in quite a state: I have just finished your book. It is shattering. The most honest thing I have read in a very long time and what's more you are such a natural writer with a wonderful flow and style. I can't begin to tell you how wise, courageous and skilful you are. It is one thing to set out on a project like this but quite another to bring it to such a high point of completeness. So many things about the book are so wonderfully antithetical to the smooth published/commercial world of books, and it is wonderful that its every nuance - the quotes,the pictures, the design - everything, bears your love and care.
It has delighted, moved and entertained me.
With huge love and admiration, Tom 

Thomas Bowes - professional musician

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The Silent-footed Butler by Cathy Giles