The Silent-footed Butler


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Review by: Mel Rolfe

This is a truly magnificent tribute to your brother. I congratulate you on your superb research, which must have been relentless, requiring great courage and determination and much sifting. The finished product is worthy of any eminent biographer: in fact, I would go so far as to say that should you be inclined to mix music with writing you could make a secondary career for yourself as a fine biographer.
       Research is vital, but it is important what you do with the great mass of information you gather. I thought the format you used was absolutely right. Luckily you have a prodigious memory, recalling so many little incidents which happened from earliest childhood while uncovering secrets buried in the past, making this book a rather superior biography of a fascinating family, which deserves a wider audience.
       Some of your descriptions of people, situations and emotions were so vivid and impressive, I had to read them two or three times, admiring your expertise. By the end of the book I felt I had actually met many of your relations and friends, none of whom could be described as 'ordinary', all of whom, in their own way, contributed to your extrordinarily moving and riveting book.

Mel Rolfe - author and journalist

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The Silent-footed Butler by Cathy Giles