The Silent-footed Butler


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Review by: Randall Shannon

Dear Cathy,
I'm not much given to writing fan letters, but I've just finished 'The Silent-footed Butler' and can't let the day proceed without sending you a note of admiration.
I only knew Chris as a distant part of the National Youth Orchestra experience, which was quite obviously my loss but I do clearly remember hearing about the accident and, of course, the concert. The end of the book is intensely moving.
I can't begin to imagine the amount of work that went into researching the history, but the striking feature from the first page was the quality of the writing. The book is so readable … which, considering it's length, is perhaps just as well. I've enjoyed getting to know you and hope you have other writing projects. I look forward to a novel!

Much love, Randall x

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The Silent-footed Butler by Cathy Giles