The Silent-footed Butler


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Review by: Mary Andrews

Dear Cathy,
Just finished your wonderful book. Cathy, you write so wonderfully that it would be a sad loss to mankind if this were to be your only book. You made me feel as though I knew Chris personally and your description of his accident made me feel physically sick. I think that shows good writing: your ability to make the reader feel as you feel yourself. I loved your details of time spent with the gorgeous Simon Rattle and felt disappointed that you didn't stay together. His letters to you were so romantic and loving. I wonder if he has read the book? (Author’s reply: he has.)
Your father was a strange man to say the least. So sad that he ruined your young life. I wonder though if living with your grandmother was a big part of the problem. Your Mum was great to help you all reach such wonderful musical heights but it's a pity she couldn't show her obvious love for you more openly. SAD SAD SAD. How did you grow up so loving despite all the horrors?
Would love to have had a greater insight into your life with Paul Hart but I guess that wouldn't be fair to the boys... keep that for the next book.
Much Love, Mary Andrews

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The Silent-footed Butler by Cathy Giles